Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick

Relased: May 27, 2022 8.4 2 h 10 min 1080p array(0) { }

After more than thirty years as one of the best pilots in the fleet, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is now in the place that suits him best: raising the bar as a reckless test pilot and deftly avoiding a promotion that would require him to serve on the ground. When he has to train a squad of Top Gun students for a special mission that no living pilot has ever seen before, fate brings Maverick together with Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw, nicknamed Rooster, who is none other than the son of Maverick’s late friend, Nick Bradshaw, aka Goose… Faced with an uncertain future and haunted by the shadows of his past, Maverick is forced to confront his innermost fears, culminating in a mission that will require the ultimate sacrifice for those ultimately chosen to fly.

Directed By Joseph Kosinski

Written By Jim Cash. Jack Epps Jr. Peter Craig

Stars: Tom Cruise. Jennifer Connelly. Miles Teller