The Accursed

The Accursed

Relased: October 14, 2022 4.1 1h 37min 1080p array(0) { }

Directed by Kevin Lewis

Written by Rob Kennedy

Star Sarah Grey(Elly). Meg Foster(Ms. Ambrose). Sarah Dumont(Beth). Mena Suvari(Alma). Alexis Knapp(Mary Lynn). Kailani Knapp(Sadie). Jennifer Silverstein(Helen / Elly’s Mom). Troy James(The Demon). Sherman Augustus(Officer Green). Olivia Day(Librarian Assistant). Kim Kendall(Officer Holly). Johnny Land(Beth’s Father). Antoinette Van Klingeren(Mrs. Dudley). Ava McAvoy(Hospital Receptionist). Marian Lee(Young Nurse). Derek Severson(Demon Hands). Gigi Peluso(Young Elly). Jaelyn Buffkin(Young Alma). Nia Cowart(Young Alma)

Language English

Producers Ann Carli. Marcus Englefield. David Gendron. Scottland Olds Harbert. Fred Hedman. Phil Hunt. Edward Kennedy. Rob Kennedy. George Lee. Kevin Lewis. Compton Ross. Jeremy Ross. Lawreen K. Yakkel. Oliver H. Yi. Viviana Zarragoitia

Production Blood Red Films. Storyoscopic Films